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About Us

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Otana is one of the brands of Keinia Industrial Group that is active in the fields of processing and packing dried fruits, nuts and legumes. This group has started its activity in in Mazandaran, north of Iran. To learn more about Keinia Industrial Group, click here.

We always consider ourselves the first consumers of our products. Holding two national standard certificates for production of pistachio and sunflower seeds as well as FDO certificates, we always try to produce high quality products

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Currently, Otana products are categorized into 5 different groups. Following, you will find a brief description for each of the product groups. If your are interested in find out more on each product group and their products, Click on the name of each product group.

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Otana pistachios are selected from the best pistachio gardens of Kerman Province, Iran. Not using of pigmented additives, balanced use of salt, and special and unique method of processing of pistachios are the reasons that lead to natural taste and scent of Otana pistachios. Another group of Otana pistachios is processed with salt with much lower amounts than the normal processing salt amount. This group of products was originally produced for people who were unable to use salted products due to health issues such as hypertension, but due to its peerless distinctive taste it is now consumed not only by the latter group, but also has its own fans.


Different shelled seeds are put in this group of Otana products. Khoy’s Shamshiri (long) and Kaleghuchi (round) sunflower seeds are among the most popular sunflower seeds in Iran and Otana has been producing and packing the best of these seeds for years. In addition to Iranian sunflower seeds, white-round non-Iranian long sunflower seeds have also gained popularity among Iranian consumers. Otana process and provide these sunflower seeds with salt (called #Saltina), lemon (called #Limona), and lemon-pepper (called #Limonahot) tastes. The special processing method invented and implemented by Otana and use of the best European flavors are the reasons for the unique flavor of the Limona and Limonahot products. Other products of this group include pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds (Mahboubi), and jâbâni (Zhaponi or red watermelon) seeds.

In this product group, pumpkin seeds are also produced in the low-salt roasted method similar to the pistachio products.

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Nuts Kernels
می توان گفت آجیل یکی از نمادهای فرهنگ ایرانی است. ترکیب تشکیل دهنده آجیل مخلوط بر اساس زمان استفاده و فرهنگ های هر منطقه متفاوت است، با این حال اوتانا سعی کرده آجیل را با ترکیبی تولید و بسته بندی کند که مورد پسند اغلب بخش های جامعه ایرانی است و این موضوع باعث شده آجیل های بسته بندی شده اوتانا نه فقط در ایام خاص سال مانند نوروز، بلکه در تمام طول سال جزئی از برنامه غذایی علاقمندان به این محصول باشد.

Nuts Kernels

Nuts kernels are among the most well-liked snacks in the world. Presently, Otana is offering cashew and almond in the kernel group. This group is planned to be completed with diverse and unique products in a very near future.

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Legumes play a major role in Iranian cooking and form the primary part of some of the most traditional and popular Iranian meals. The potential of Legumes for being well-cooked is the most important factor considered by users at the time of selecting the brand. Hence, all of Otana legumes are selected from the best sites of cultivation. Otana Chickpeas are selected from Kermanshah, pinto beans and navy beans from Khomein, red beans from Lorestan Province, Chickpea Dal from Azar Shahr, and lentils are Canadian which are all selected, sorted, handpicked and packed from the highest quality and the best cooking Legumes.

Online Shopping

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By assessing the needs of consumers, Otana has always tried to produce products matching the needs. Production of a large fraction of Otana products is inspired by your ideas. Many of the defects have been fixed using your criticisms andMoreover, your opinions have warmed our hearts and encouraged us to continue this path numerous times.

Therefore, we do appreciate your precious opinions which contribute to our progress and product improvement.

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