Mixed nuts

In Iranian culture and traditions, nuts are known as a symbol of happiness, so that we serve mixed nuts in many ceremonies and celebrations such as Nowruz, Yalda Night, Mehrgan, Sadeh, Charshanbe Suri (the last Wednesday of the year). We can practically say that nuts are one of the symbols of Iranian culture. The consumption of nuts is even included in the beliefs of Iranians. One of the types of nuts that is very popular and a large amount of it is produced during Nowruz and sold all over Iran is salted mixed nuts. The composition of mixed salted nuts is different based on the time of use and the cultures of each region, however, Otana has tried to produce and package nuts with a combination that is liked by most parts of the Iranian society, and this has made packaged nuts Otana should be a part of the food plan of those interested in this product not only during special days of the year such as Nowruz, but also throughout the year.

Coming up, Otana mixed nuts are presented in their different weights and packages.