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کیف مدرسه

These days, one of the worries of mothers is the reopening of schools. Especially mothers whose children experience the first year of entering school.

This day has always been accompanied by stress and excitement for the child and the child’s parents, which, if not managed properly, may have a negative impact on the child’s academic progress throughout the year and even in the coming years.

Properly managing the stress of the first day of school requires simple tips, some of the most important of which are mentioned in this post.

Making the first day of school easier

1- If your child is anxious when going to school, remind him that there are many students in school who also do not feel good about school.

This is true for all ages, and school teachers know that students are anxious on the first day of school and go the extra mile to make students feel comfortable.

2- Tell your child about the positive aspects of starting school so that your child has a positive outlook on school. Your child will see old friends and also meet new ones.

Remind him of the positive things that happened to him at school in the past years, especially the days when he came home happy.

3- Look for a student among your neighbors with whom your child can go to school and ride the bus.

4- If you are sending your child to a new school, show him all the ways to get to the school and be sure to take him there to visit the school before the school starts.

5- If necessary, you can take your child to school and bring him back for the first day of school.


1- Keep the school backpack light. Plan the backpack in such a way that all the necessary items will be there. Try to place heavier items in the center of the bag.

Make sure that the weight of the bag should never be more than 20-30% of the student’s weight.

Check your child’s bag every week and empty out extra items to keep the bag lighter.

2- Always use bags that have two straps and two hands must be used to use them.

Using bags with one strap and carrying it with one hand causes pressure on the muscles and makes them tired.

3- Adjust the bag so that its bottom is on your waist.

4- If the school allows you, you can use wheeled bags to carry heavier items more easily.

But be careful that it will cause problems for you when climbing the stairs and you will have to lift it, or it will not work well in the snow.

Nutrition at school

1- Research has shown that students who eat a more nutritious and complete breakfast have more energy and concentration.

We have introduced a sample of nutritious breakfast in the post Breakfast with the smell of Mahehr.

2- Most schools have cafeterias.

Students can use them for days when they haven’t had breakfast or feel hungry during the day.

3- Each 340 grams of soft drinks (such as lemonade, etc.) contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar and 150 calories.

Drinking one soft drink a day increases the risk of obesity by 60%.

Try to have your child use more healthy drinks such as water or juice.

Progress in doing homework and studying lessons

1- Provide a special environment for studying.

Students need a place to study that is free from noise and disturbance.

This place increases the amount of study.

2- Make a broad schedule for doing homework.

3- Make a household rule that electronic devices such as TV should be turned off while studying.

4- Monitor his computer and internet use.

5- Answer his questions and help him, but never do his homework.

6- If your child is not concentrating enough while studying, talk to the teacher and school counselors.

7- Set a sleep schedule. Insomnia occurs due to lack of sleep during middle school, high school and university.

The average sleep of a person aged 13 to 18 is 8 to 10 hours.

Tips for starting the school season